Assistant Property Accountant Job Opening

Assistant Property Accountant

Redstone Residential

Rexburg, Idaho
— Part-time
Category: Accountant

Job Description
Job Title: Assistant Property Accountant
Reports to: Property Controller
Office Hours: Part-time; Office Hours; travel as needed
Vision: Help in the preparation of smooth, reliable, and effective financial records that are (1) timely, and (2) accurate.
Job Description: The Assistant Portfolio Accountant assists the assigned properties with the preparation of financial data.
Task List and Calendar:
  • Assist the properties and Portfolio Accountants with daily tasks including, but not limited to:
    • Financial Move Outs
    • Entering invoices
    • Collecting payments
    • Answering resident ledger questions
    • Cash projections and/or funding requests
  • Approve invoices in software
  • Meet with Property Controller to review KPI’s
  • Prepare weekly accounting reporting, including bank reconciliation and financial analysis
  • Assist in the preparation of the monthly AME packet for portfolio
  • Review Community Managers MME reports for the month
Meetings Attended:
  • Weekly status meetings with Property Controller
  • Financial Closeout meetings (as needed)
Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s):
  • Delinquency
  • On-Time Reporting %’s (weekly and monthly)