Business Manager/F&I Manager Job Opening

Business Manager/F&I Manager

Kocourek Ford | Lincoln

Wausau, Wisconsin
Category: Finance Manager

Are you looking for a job that combines competitive pay with good culture? Have you been considering the automotive industry but don't know how to break in? Are you a car enthusiast and have experience working in a fast pace environment? Are you passionate about delivering a unique customer experience that creates a memorable and outstanding impression? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we want to talk to you.

Job Description


Offering vehicle financing and insurance to our guests and providing them with a thorough explanation of aftermarket products. Also offering extended warranties and a complete explanation of manufacturer along with dealership service procedures and policies.


  • Set up financing and paperwork for delivery of new and used cars in a professional manner.
  • Sell vehicle service contracts to customers in a professional manner.
  • Present credit life and disability insurance to all applicable customers in professionally.
  • Take special care of all paperwork included in the sale of vehicles for legality purposes (“Corporate
resolutions,” tribal papers, manufacturer rebate papers, privacy notices, all loan papers, etc.)

  • Sell and help schedule rustproofing, bed liners, Rhinoliners, environmental Packages, etc.
  • Make sure that deals are funded in a timely manner.
  • Be compliant with all licenses required to sell finance and insurance.

  • Participate in ongoing finance training.
  • Learn how to take on additional responsibilities from the sales manager so as to continue to move up within the organization.
  • Assist the office with any concerns or problems relating to delivered vehicles.
HOURS Full time, 6 days a week

ATTIRE Kocourek pressed branded shirts with black or dark grey dress pants.

WORK ENVIRONMENT Typical non-smoking office environment.