Area Representative Job Opening

Area Representative


Auburn, Alabama

Position Profile

The Area Representative, in collaboration with the local Area Director and Leadership Board, will prayerfully create and sustain the plan to grow the FCA ministry to and through coaches in the assigned area. The Area Representative is responsible for working with staff, volunteers and a team of advisors to fund and manage the finances of the ministry. As a spiritual leader, guided by God and devoted to Jesus Christ, the Area Representative will model the FCA values of Integrity, Serving, Teamwork and Excellence in dealing with staff, volunteers, athletes and coaches.

Job Purpose


Volunteer Leadership Ministry Development

  • Establish an effective and diverse team of volunteer leaders committed to help grow the FCA ministry by mobilizing relationships and multiplying resources.
  • Develop and grow relationships with local church leaders in effort to present FCA ministry opportunities to church staff and their members.
Financial Ministry Development
  • Cultivate and develop relationships to grow a personal Home Team through AMP’s, Events and Major Donors (Tom Landry Associates).
  • Provide annual budget and financial management for the area in accordance with FCA policies.

Field Ministry Development

  • Oversee the recruiting, training and retaining of quality and diverse coaches and athlete leaders for campus sports, community sports, and at camps.
    • Recruit: Prayerfully seek and identify both coach and athlete prospects, and communicate a compelling vision to grow as a disciple making coach or athlete leader.
    • Train: Provide the relationships and resources necessary to increase the coach or athlete leaders understanding and level of competency to effectively become a disciple making coach or athlete leader.
    • Retain: Create and maintain an environment of community where coaches and athlete leaders feel valued, equipped and empowered to serve in their current roles, as well as grow personally and professionally to serve in potential future roles through FCA.
  • Ensure FCA in the area is equipped to advance the ministry “to and through the coach” with training, huddles and events.

Strategic Thinker
  • Can develop a strategic plan based upon S.M.A.R.T. goals for their local area that facilitates the vision and mission of FCA becoming reality.
  • Can communicate the strategic plan in a compelling manner that builds excitement among staff, Boards, donors and volunteers, translating the plan into action and ministry growth.


  • Is self-motivated to take action on tasks and see them through to completion.
  • Manages time effectively to assure responsibilities are met and S.M.A.R.T. goals are achieved.
  • Is not overly reliant upon supervisor direction to get the job done.

Communication Skills

  • Can effectively communicate thoughts and ideas through verbal and written skills.
  • Can speak publicly in a confident and compelling way, inspiring others to take action.
  • Can adjust style of communication based upon the audience or listener.
  • Can listen well and ask questions to ensure understanding.
  • Can facilitate and lead meetings.


  • Can build an effective team through the empowerment of staff and volunteers.
  • Can attract and retain high quality individuals.
  • Presents a professional image in terms of temperament, style and attitude.
  • Takes personal responsibility for fulfilling commitments.

Coaching and Development of people

  • Sets clear and measureable performance goals for staff and volunteers within their specific roles.
  • Identifies strengths and developmental needs in the people they lead.
  • Assures that all people they lead are properly trained to fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Holds people accountable for goals.
  • Gives specific, constructive, objective-based feedback and recognition.

Results Oriented

  • Can effectively organize people and resources to accomplish S.M.A.R.T. goals.
  • Acts with a sense of urgency and passion.
  • Can handle several different projects at one time.
  • Identifies and implements various methods of generating revenue.
  • Assures that objectives are met.

FCA employees shall be expected to model FCA’s Christian beliefs and Values for the larger community, perform all of their duties as a service to God, and comply with the following obligations:
  • Beliefs: Each FCA employee shall affirm his or her agreement with FCA’s Statement of Faith and shall not subscribe to or promote any religious beliefs inconsistent with these beliefs.
  • Christian Conduct Standards: FCA employees shall at all times (both during working and non-working hours) endeavor to conduct themselves in a manner that affirms biblical standards of conduct in accordance with FCA’s Christian beliefs. Such conduct standards include FCA’s Youth Protection Policy and Sexual Purity
  • Distinctly Christian Activities: FCA employees shall be ready, willing, and able to lead or contribute to distinctly Christian activities such as worship and prayer services.
  • Ministerial Duties: FCA employees shall daily spend time in prayer and in the Word, share Christ through word and life, and seek the Lord’s will for the ministry of FCA. FCA staff will worship and seek weekly involvement in a local church, be a religious leader and in some cases serve under the authority and assignment of the local church.
This position is at-will employment, meaning that either the employee or FCA can discontinue employment at any time, with or without notice and with or without cause. Also, FCA can modify this Position Description at any time. The Position Description does not create a contract (express or implied) or enforceable promise or representation.