Executive Director Job Opening

Executive Director


Opelika, Alabama
$43,000.00 a year

Position Summary

The Executive Director is a Christian of high moral and ethical character. The Executive Director is the primary point of contact with public and private agencies, media, foundations, businesses, civic clubs, religious organizations, and the Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR). The Executive Director oversees the on-site management of Haddie’s staff and property. In concert with the board of Directors and/or staff, the Executive Director formulates plans for child care, fundraising, personnel, and physical property maintenance and expansion.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

1. Public Relations/Development:

a. Represents Haddie’s at churches, civic clubs, and other groups.

b. Raises funds for the operation of Haddie's through direct appeal to individual donors, use of media, fundraising events, per diem from parents and agencies, and other means approved by the Board of Directors.

c. Composes newsletters and other mailings which keep donors and other interested parties updated on progress of Haddie’s.

d. Arranges for tours, meetings, and visits by individuals and groups.

e. Communicates the mission and operation of Haddie's to groups of all sizes, socio-economic status, etc. (both verbally and through written correspondence) without exploiting the children and/or their families.

f. Coordinates capital fundraising efforts including determining the timing and nature of proposals to foundations, individuals, businesses and other entities.

g. Works in conjunction with Board to establish vision for Haddie's.

2. Financial:

a. In collaboration with the Finance Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors, develops a strategic plan for raising financial support, both short and long term, to meet operating and capital needs.

b. Prepares and submits the annual budget to the Board of Directors and handle expenditures according to budget allocations.

c. Has sufficient knowledge of budgeting as to preserve the debt-free policy of Haddie's.

d. Reviews recommendations for all staff raises.

3. Child Care:

a. Establishes the strategic direction and accountability for the child care program including organizing the work of the child care facility and delegation.

b. Direct, evaluate, and articulate a program of child care within the limits of function and policy established by the board.

c. Committed to therapeutic model as opposed to custodial.

d. Provides a suggested plan for aftercare (post-Haddie’s) to guardian.

4. Physical Property:

a. Oversees all who have volunteered or are hired to affect the physical condition of Haddie’s home.

b. Coordinates physical property activities with the Board of Directors including ADA compliance.

c. Oversees future construction of new facilities and development of Haddie's.

5. Personnel:

a. Responsible for hiring, managing, and terminating staff.

b. Reviews annual performance evaluations of employees.

c. Delegates responsibilities to appropriate staff members to allow for effective operation of residential child care, administration, recreation and physical property. Does not micromanage, but directs the big picture and has a willingness to delegate.

d. Appoints appropriate staff to assume administrative duties and authority in his/her own absence.

e. In addition, the ED is in the “on-call” rotation (1 week per month) and will need to be available if an urgent need arises.

6. Other:

a. Maintain knowledge of the licensing standards, Reasonable and Prudent Parenting Standard, Haddie’s documented standards and associated policies such as operating policies, personnel policies, and financial policies.

b. Ensures Haddie's compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

c. Make regular reports to the board on all phases of the operation of the child care facility and its program including Haddie’s current state, direction, policy, financials, etc.

d. Make regular reports to the Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR) in accordance with requirements by DHR.

e. Assess the total operation of the child care facility and its program annually, report to the board the successes, barriers, strengths, and needs, and makes appropriate recommendations.

f. The executive shall not be assigned, nor assume, any primary responsibility for fund-raising or other activities that necessitate extended absences from the child care facility or which interferes with his/her administrative responsibilities in conducting the child care facility program, unless another full-time staff member is assigned responsibility and authority for the day-to-day operation of the child care facility.


1. Commitment to excellence.

2. Agrees with Statement of Faith and regularly attends church.

3. Willingness to become involved in front-line decision-making and work.

4. Willingness to seek counsel in decision-making.

5. Comfortable with public speaking.

6. Outstanding interpersonal skills and approachability.

7. Strong organizational skills.

8. Works well in a team environment.

9. Performs with high standards and is a role model.

10. Ability to inspire and motivate staff, children, and donors.


a. Bachelor’s Degree in the area of non-profits, business, social work, psychology, administration, or a related field, from a college or university accredited by one of the six regional accrediting associations of the United States. Master’s degree preferred.

b. Prefer 2+ years of experience in non-profit fund raising.

c. A minimum of 24 months of successful full-time, paid employment in family and children’s services including progressively responsible administrative and/or supervisory experience.

NOTE: Graduate training in administration, education, psychology or social work at an accredited graduate school may be substituted in lieu of up to 12 months of the experience listed above. One academic year may substitute for 6 months of experience and two academic years may substitute for 12 months of experience (i.e., completion of a two year graduate program will require only an additional 12 months experience rather than the 24 months as stated above).

d. Supervisory experience.

e. Must have computer skills (Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint), website update capability, and prefer familiarity with donor tracking systems.

f. Must pass background check and child abuse clearances.

g. Willingness to take direction from Board of Directors on duties and activities as appropriate.

Salary and Healthcare Benefits

This is a full-time exempt position with a starting salary of $43,000. In addition, there are healthcare options available as needed.