Experienced Financial Advisor/Leader Job Opening

Experienced Financial Advisor/Leader

OneWisconsin Financial Group

Wausau, Wisconsin
— Full-time, Commission
Category: Financial Advisor

OneWisconsin is a fast-growing financial services firm with market presence across the state of Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We are a General Agency appointed with the insurance companies of OneAmerica®, and our mission is to find, attract and serve a generationally-diverse client base that will benefit from our economics-based, mathematically-based and scientifically-sound understanding of financial strategies that help achieve each client’s individual goals within the budgets and timeframes they willingly accept as viable and necessary.

At a very high level, OneWisconsin’s priority is growing our field representation by adding advisors to our team, largely by making our organization a preferred workplace because of our ability to assist our advisors in meeting new clients.

If you have been in the investment, insurance, or advisory business for more than ten minutes, you have likely hear every recruiting pitch there is. “Come work with us,” they said. “Our payouts are better,” they said. They never are…

The fact is, there is only so much compensation to be had in any given sale, transaction or plan. That’s the nature of a free market economy. Sure, many companies pay differently – but whether you are paid one dollar, four quarters or ten dimes, it all pays the same.

The only real way to earn more from your effort is to try to provide your clients with greater value; provide them with sound strategies and academic research; create larger cases that have a potential to make a bigger impact. That’s how we operate, and it helps you be more referable than you have ever been, and gets you in front of more qualified clients – clients who need what you have.

And if you really – really – want to be impactful, you operate from a position of abundance. You work in a culture that rallies around your success and – get this… a culture that causes you to want to help the others on your team. Culture is difficult to describe – you will know it when you see it; when you feel it. Our culture defines us. (Prima donnas need not apply.)

Our leadership delivers on this mission by providing culture, systems and marketing to attract advisors who wish to execute this mission.

Individual and group practitioners are welcome, and leadership opportunities abound.

Securities offered through OneAmerica Securities, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor, Member FINRA, SIPC. OneWisconsin Financial Group is not an affiliate of OneAmerica Securities or the companies of OneAmerica and is not a broker dealer or Registered Investment Advisor.

Job Types: Full-time, Commission

Commission Only:

  • Yes

Additional Compensation:

  • Commission

Work Location:

  • One location
  • Fully Remote

Benefits offered:

  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Retirement benefits or accounts
  • Flexible schedules