Bookkeeper - Parker 301 Job Opening

Bookkeeper - Parker 301

Campus Advantage

Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Category: Accountant

Campus Advantage is an industry leader with global experience in student housing. Campus Advantage provides property management, consulting, acquisitions, and development with the goal of creating successful student housing communities.

We’re looking for a smart individual who loves to geek out over balanced spreadsheets and organized files. Tell the truth, is your planner color coded? If so, we want to talk to you! This position reports directly to the property head honcho, the General Manager.

Who are we looking for? Hint: people who share our values.

  • Do you want to make your mom proud? We live the Golden Rule, trying always to do the right thing. Do you have the ability to work well under pressure and prioritize multiple projects while remaining focused on the level of service they deliver, all the while, juggling numerous deadlines? If so, you’ll rock this!

  • Experience is important! Calling all Excel ninjas! We need someone with 2+ years of bookkeeping experience and high school diploma or equivalent.
    • While not required, you get Brownie points for: previous property management bookkeeping experience and/or using property management software.
    • If you only have 1 year of experience, but you really think you can do this, sell us on your skills! We are looking for someone with a genuine interest in developing your career in student housing because we believe that learning is a lifelong endeavor, and we strive to stay ahead through innovations.

  • What’s more important than experience is an upbeat, friendly demeanor. A passion for how the work you do impacts those around you! At Campus Advantage, we desire to do our best, and we never, ever give up! Slackers need not apply.

  • Are you motivated and possess the ability to work independently with little or no supervision? If so, we want to talk to you. We aren’t interested in micromanaging you because, at Campus Advantage, we attract and charm others through our success and outlook on life. We take our work and our communities, but not ourselves, seriously!

What will you be doing every day? As the Bookkeeper, you will help keep all of our ducks in a row and the list of responsibilities is long. We believe the fundamentals of what you do fall into 5 key areas:

  • Lead and Communicate: You’ll be managing a lot of important and personal information, so maintaining confidentiality will be a big part of the job. We trust you to build and coach a great team, and communicate with important stakeholders like residents, guarantors, vendors, and teammates at the home office.

  • Plan the Work/Work the Plan: This isn't just about crunching numbers. Your community has specific goals and a strategy to achieve them. You will be a key part of ensuring the strategy is implemented and reported on!

  • Heads on Beds: For as many heads your property has on beds, you’ll have just as many hats to wear in this job! You will help support all aspects of the operations to ensure we provide amazing experiences to our residents. This includes understanding the needs of your property, marketing and leasing, customer service, and residence life.

  • Collect Rent/Pay the Bills: This is a multi-million dollar operation. You will be responsible for ensuring money’s in the bank, reports are accurate, and bills get paid. This includes owning accounts payable and receivable, collections and evicting residents.

  • Preserve the Asset: Maintaining the physical asset is a fundamental aspect of property management. As the Bookkeeper, you are instrumental in assisting during the notorious process student housing calls “turn” (move-in/move-out) and participating in property inspections.

Call to Action!

If you read this far and you want to join us on our mission to lead the world in creating financially successful communities, we want to meet you!

Are you ready to achieve your potential while serving and inspiring others to do the same? Join us in pursuing our purpose: "to serve and inspire our employees and residents to achieve their full potential."

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Campus Advantage is a real estate investment management firm fostering financially prosperous higher education student housing communities through its management, development, acquisition, and consulting services. Since its founding in 2003, Campus Advantage has been creating successful communities that provide rewarding living, learning, and career experiences, and as a result has become one of the fastest growing private student housing companies in the nation. The company’s asset acquisition and management strategies combined with its dedication to residence life and student development has made Campus Advantage the 6th largest student housing owner and the 7th largest manager in the United States.

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