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Senior Internal Auditor Resume Template (TEXT FORMAT)

Pressly Rowena
Senior Internal Auditor
413 Hyattsville Road,Avery, TX 93126


My name is Rowena Pressly. I'm 36 years old and looking forward to take a position of Senior Internal Auditor in your company. I'm certified in Software quality assurance certifications . With over 11 years of expirience in Minimum 3 years of experience with fluency in English and Ability to develop/demonstrate research and presentation skills. Always a team player willing to assist where needed.


Senior Internal Auditor
Waterloo Tax & Accounting , Webbers Falls, TX
2017 to Present
  • Proficient at applying risk-based auditing standards, practices, techniques and processes to the performance and review of audits
  • Act as a liaison between the company and the external auditors to assist in the completion of the financial statement audit
  • Assist in the development of audit programs for financial, operational and compliance audits and executes testing accordingly
  • Adept with the IIA’s professional practices framework / standards, as well as COSO’s integrated framework
  • Documents all work thoroughly, clearly and concisely to allow for efficient review by Manager/Director
  • Meets the licensing or certification requirements of the relevant country or region
Internal Auditor, Senior
Snaphip Accounting & Tax , East Prospect, PA
2015 – 2017
  • Evaluate emerging risks, understand impacts to the audit plan and the business, and implement appropriate changes as needed
  • Perform specific audit procedures, tests and analyses, including those that support the Company's requirements
  • Identifying if and where processes are not working and collaborate with each group on improvements
  • Influence senior management and to provide risk and control counsel to business partners
  • Must have reliable transportation with the ability to travel to client sites and other office locations
  • Reporting to and presenting the audit findings and recommendations to the Board of Directors and/or Audit Committee
Director, Audit
7th Ariencinding Accounting & Tax , Fortine, MT
2014 – 2015
  • Assists the Internal Audit Director with Enterprise level planning, Annual Audit Plan, and Audit Committee Reporting
  • Leads team, sets expectations, delegates effectively, provides action-oriented feedback, holds other accountable for results
  • Supports a culture of innovation and a BRAVE culture, while recognizing the need for an appropriate culture of compliance
  • Develop strategies and risk-based audit plans; develop monitoring, assessment & audit protocols
  • Crisp decision-making and recommendations following appropriate consultation, even in times of ambiguity
Senior Manager Audit
Frascone Tax , Towaco, NJ
2010 – 2014
  • Advise and apprise promptly the team manager of all major risk, control and regulatory issues arising during the audit
  • CAMS designation (Certified Anti-MoneyLaundering Specialist) of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists
  • Support regulatory inspection preparation activities: pre-audit, facilitation during inspection
  • Coordinates the ongoing development and maintenance of the department’s policies and procedures manuals
  • Collaborate with other group internal auditors (LCH, LSEG Italy) to deliver global audits
Quality Assurance Lead
East Commerecute Accounting & Tax , Cassandra, PA
2008 – 2010
  • B S. /B.A. or M.A. /M.S. in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems, or related discipline
  • Create and/or review and approve test schedules or strategies in accordance with project scope or delivery dates
  • Work with front-end developers to deliver UI-level tests as they are developing new functionality
  • Plan and monitor Performance Testing… Publish reports with every Patch / Sprint


Degree in Accounting/Finance specialisation
University of Custer, SD
2004 – 2008


  • Minimum 3 years of experience with fluency in English
  • Ability to develop/demonstrate research and presentation skills
  • Strong knowledge of data warehousing and ETL Processes
  • Project and time management and leadership skills
  • Thorough knowledge of TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP
  • Always a team player willing to assist where needed


Gundy Brett
Head of Accounting/Finance
Waterloo Tax & Accounting
Steeg Lorna
Head of Accounting/Finance
Snaphip Accounting & Tax

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